Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hucker, Huckerby, Hucker, Huckerby

Check out this awesome interview with San Jose Earthquake's new living legend Darren Huckerby, scorer of the greatest goal of all-time.
Daz says some interesting things about his time toplining for Norfolk FC and really spills the beans on the Beckhams. Whoever said the Yanks know nowt all about soccer.

Windows 7 Party vid

You haven't been to a party until you've been to a Windows 7 party. Invite all you favorite terrifying American robots and just let that mutha flow with activities.
p.s. make sure you watch til the end or you'll miss the white guy's perculiar sign-off wave

Friday, 30 October 2009

Hungarian Ventrilochoir murder 'Yesterday'

In purgatory they only have one channel. It's in Hungarian. Before the hourly news they run this. Every hour. Some people lose their shit and become aggressive. These are the people who are asked to take the elevator down. Thankfully there is no Ventrilochoir in that elevator. Some of them are so relieved they don't even mind that they are headed straight into a Hieronymus (of coursde I had to check the spelling!) Bosch painting.

LL Bean Fisherman's Jumper

This Fisherman's jumper is right up my st. It's the sort of thing all the hip, old 85-year-olds country folk wear in Gallic masterpiece "Modern Life."

Head Porter Plus tweed jacket

I love this Head Porter Plus tweed jacket with contrast piping. Very Sherlock Holmesian

"I've done a video before man"

Click here to see Kanye West, of 'Ye as he is know to his adoring fans, get slapped upside the face by Spike Jonze ("Being John Malkovich").

It goes w/o saying that 'Ye no doubt would have preferred Beyonce to shoot his music vid. That explains why he's seen in this vid behaving like a 12-year-old girl denied the chance to watch the X-Factor final because her dad is watching re-runs of Porridge.

(I wish it was real but it is in fact a pretty clever mock-up riffing on Kanye's rep for big-headedness).

Monday, 26 October 2009

When managers score (on the volley from half way)

Check out this for a wonderstrike. Ohh the nonchalence, ohh the technique. All in a suit. Guaranteed never to be repeated.

Friday, 23 October 2009

iWatch - I watch my America

In Los Angeles they have iWatch, a massive snitching program designed to root out terrorist sleeper cells. In Cuba they have CDR, Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.

Cassetteboy vs Nick Griffin

And finally ... Adolf Hitler.

But seriously, wouldn't it have been better if the BBC had had Griffin on Hard Talk for a proper grilling. The Question Time panel were so desperate to out-do each other in terms of who could get the most digs in that Griffin never really got the oppo to really embarrass himself. It will be interesting to see if support for the BNP spikes next week. I fear it will.

Homeless chic

Only the Dutch would come up with this - bedding that makes your bedroom look like a shit n' smack stained NCP car park. The oh-so chic skid row look is defo getting hotter right now. Maybe next they'll design cardboard one-legged staffies (complete with bandana collar) and Special Brew flavoured artichokes to wow dinner party guests. Looking destitute has never been so easy. Get the look here.

How not to dive

Let's hope this all-action gymnast doesn't try her hand at the ski-jump.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

How to dive

I never thought a skinny white kid could actually be Didier 'it's a disgrace' Drogba. Big props to these two larrikens.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Full Fat Fuller

I love Stoke target man Ricardo Fuller's excuse for piling on the pounds: "I drink a lot of protein shakes and things like that. I need the weight because my main strength is my power."
It doesn't help that his manager runs marathons and Jamaican food encourages the growth of a bubble butt.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Social Media Guru to the rescue

I have an internet blog and everything! I bore of your analog attitude

Adel Taraabt wonderstrike

Yesterday, Adel Taraabt confirmed his unquestionable status as the best player in the Championship with this breathtaking goal against Preston North End. Besides his wonderstike Taraabt earned a peno with his trickery and bamboozled the PNE defenders from start to finish. I hope 'arry Redknapp forgot to send anyone to watch Taraabt. It'd be a major coup if the Rs could sign him up permanently. Best player down @ Loftus Road since Trevor Sinclair lit up the bush.

Bad news for Moscow's snowplough squadron

Yuri Luzhkov, mayor of Moscow AKA Godski, has come up with an ingenious plan to ban snow from his city this winter. Next up he's going to order the sun to shine all day long and vodka to grow on trees.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Nike AF1 Savage Beast

Halloween headturners!

Fergie unplugs the hairdryer

Click here to read Fergie'a moving get well soon card to Belgium midfielder Steven Defour. I'm sure it has nothing to do with tapping up the player for a possible move. It's straight from the bottom of his whisky-sozzled heart eg You must be feeling quite down and are no doubt asking yourself all sorts of questions

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

"The News" (Australian short)

This Aussie short "The News" is great and has a killer twist. Especially like the way the bloke goes straight for the menu after delivered the news.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Bannatyne calls for fascist state

Woah, Big Dunc really lays down the law on smoking here. I particularly like his idea that sporty kids should be able to imprison their parents for having a fag:
On a school visit I met a 12-year-boy who wanted to be an athlete who told me that every morning his mother lit up when she was driving to school, even though he'd begged her to stop. He should be able to report her to the police.
Utterly reasonable.

Tragedy at Spiritual Warrior retreat

I love saunas and Turkish Baths but even I'd think twice about two hours in a Native American style SWEAT LODGE after having just fasted for 36 hours.

Dodgy leather jacket

On my recent trip to Montenegro I saw many nice leather jackets like this bad-boy for a whole lot less chedder. Looks like the Soviet-era paedo look is making its way over to Blighty. If I'd have known I would have bought up the lot in Cetinje and set up shop in SheBu mkt.

Ivorians going to South Africa

Great to see Les Elephantes book their place in the World Cup. Hopefully they'll not end up in a group with Serbia, Holland and Argentina this time. Nothing in football would make me happier than seeing Kolo lift the World Cup (and Drogba miss the final).

Friday, 9 October 2009


I'd almost sell a kidney to get my mitts on one of these pocket battleship pigs. First up I would teach it to ride a bike or skateboard. Next, I'd have it popping down to Costcutter for milk. I figure at that price tag it'd have to earn its keep.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Nike Sportwear Air Magma

Hot like molten magma

Tree graf is the new black

I spotted this cheerful pick-me-up down by the river in Hammersmif. Made me chuckle but quite pleased the author didn't see me laughing.

Robbie Williams' addiction to ... golf

Top marks to Robbie for setting the record straight about his struggles with addiction. I'm sure the p1 confession splash in the Sun has nowt all to do with the fact he has a new album coming out. Read here to find out more about his late night longings for Hillbilly heroin Vicodin. But while I deeply sympathise with his cravings for Fantasy League (you are not alone buddy) I can't begin to imagine how anyone could get a woody for golf. I'm loving angels instead

Duffy duffs up the competition

Click here to listen to Carol Ann Duffy read her new poem 'Atlas.' I think it's an absolute beaut.


Uh-oh sistren - looks like the lollypop look is coming back in. Will all models look like bobbleheads by Christmas?

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Header from downtown

Streaky Argie striker Martin Palermo, yup the same Martin Palermo who missed a hattrick of penos in one game, has made up for his 'previous' with this awesome long-range header. I know grown men who can't kick a ball as far as this dude can head it.

Kanye all up in your grill

Cheers Reubo for sending me a 'killer app' (did I really just write that?). Plunk this before any full url and up steps Kanye to bless us with his knowledge eg

QPR & Chronotech collabo

Purple slipper wearing F1 cheat Flabbio Briatore might be on the way out of W12 but that doesn't mean anyone in the QPR club shop heirachy has yet got the message that the line in blinged-out tat like this monstrosity of a watch is to be discontinued. Time's up Flav. It's moneybags Mittal o'clock on my watch.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Clue: it's not chasing pavements

Read here to find out what Chelsea legend John Terry's fascinating fave hobby is. Hasn't there been some research done which suggests heading the ball 4000 times a day from age 3 can take its toll on the brain?

Very simply cut for a striking silhouette

These Chronicles of Never nappies are possibly the most ridic item of clothing I've ever seen. Not ideal for running for the bus. Or walking.

Friday, 2 October 2009

"The cosmos is full beyond measure of elegant truths of exquisite inter-relationships of the awesome machinery of nature."

Big props to Ben Ockrent for drawing my attention to this mind-blowing music vid. It really is an aural treat. Psychedelic drugs aren't my bag but if they were I'd make this my first port of call when things got a bit stormy; so soothing, so relaxing. Just so long as you don't try to follow the somewhat complex 'narrative.'
p.s I like his coat (see post below this one)

Mountaineering chic

This Albam Hillwalker cagoule and these sturdy F-Troupe ramblers are a killer combo for the city. Available at Garbstore and Albam, respectively. Unleash your inner mountain goat