Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The North Face Purple Label goes African

Waterproof clothing is usually bone dry. So props to The North Face Purple Label for flicking the switch with this flamboyant line of Mountain Wind wear inspired by African prints. Bottom to top are the men's parka, women's parka and poncho. Available online from Jap outlet Nanamica.

Monday, 30 May 2011

War wear

War Field Wear Research has just dropped at London's Garbstore and nowhere else in the UK. The collection is based on military themes found in 1940's style Burmese army uniforms. The pick of the bunch are the double layered Indian organic cotton button down shirts. These utility style shirts feature a side opening chest pocket with lotus flower print. Think I prefer the khaki to the red.

Sunday, 29 May 2011


These days everyone wants a piece of west London's finest football club ...

FREESTYLE CANOEING: Where art meets water

Yes? Then you've just hit the jackpot in the form of this splendid and m o v i n g freestyle canoeing clip from 2007.
Admittedly, dapper Marc basically only has one move (build up an little speed and then spin the canoe) but I love thinking of what he's thinking about. Ignore the Yankie clapping and feel the romance of the lake art.

Here's more deets on freestyle canoeing for the newly converted:
American Freestyle canoeing is the art of paddling a canoe on flat water with perfect control of its movements. The canoe is usually leaned over to the side to help the boat turn sharply and efficiently and paddle strokes are taken on either side of the canoe depending on the individual move. Balance, paddle placement and turn initiation are a few keys to this control. Since the movements seem dance-like, some practice this art timed to music, which is the ultimate in control.

Via Doug E. Fezbuk

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Pan Am pilot's vintage Rolex

A Continuous Lean has flagged up an upcoming vintage Rolex taking place in Geneva which features some sickeningly sweet Rolexes. The pick of the bunch has to be the original Pan Am pilots’ GMT models from the ‘50s and ‘60s, complete with some of the flyers’ other accoutrements.
ACL Credit: "Pictured above is a 1957 'Tropical Dial' GMT-Master, property of the original owner, estimated at $27,000 – $38,000. It comes with the pilot’s Pan Am cap, briefcase, lighter, ashtray and flight instruction manual."

The Marlboro Cat

YouTube clips of cats are not an ArchBlog fave. But when the cat is Russian and smokes exceptions are made.

Via Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish

Osama Bin Laden's secret stash

Porn has allegedly been discovered inside OBL's Abbottabad compound. The New York Post is convinced it belonged to the totemic leader of Al Qaeda.

Via D.C. Hines

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sunday, 8 May 2011

White Mountaineering tribal socks

I really like these tribal socks from Jap brand White Mountaineering. Here's hoping QPR go with something similar for their 2011/12 premiership kit.

Available for £35 from End Clothing

Norse Projects x Mark McNairy wingtip brogues

These Norse Projects x Mark McNairy brogues are top banana. They feature a pebbled leather upper together with British Millerain fabric. Available now at Norse Store.

We are QPR. We are Premier League.

After 15 years, my beloved QPR are finally back in the big time; the Premier League. On Saturday, Adel Taarabt lifted the first trophy QPR have collected in 39 years.
After so many dark days of supporting the Rs - which included witnessing footballing giants Vauxhall Motors beat the Rs on penalties - it really is quite something to think that the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham and Man Utd will be coming to W12 (for a beat-down) next season.
Promotion is all down to Yorkshire's finest Neil Warnock. Just 13 months ago he took over a club (again) flirting with relegation and proceeded to transform them into league winners. His undoubted masterstroke was the permanent signing of Moroccan maestro Taarabt. He may well be an utter brat but he is also the best player in the world not playing for Barcelona FA. Fact.
I could go on for days. I won't. Here's a round-up of a very special day in the club's history. Love and respect to the Row G, R block boys who have shared the pain.

Warnock praises players:

Lifting the trophy:

More magic from Taarbs:

Monday, 2 May 2011

.......Research's larch wood sanctuary

Japanese label .......Research is a massive favourite of ArchBlog. So, it was with great interest that I read a piece at Inventory magazine about the brand's retreat, which is two and half hours northwest of Tokyo, in the Chichibu mountain range.
Here's some deets from Inventory:"The Japanese brand's sanctuary, designed by Shin Ohori of General Design Co. and constructed from locally harvested larch wood, features removable fiberplastic walls and a pair of dome tents which serve as year-round bedrooms."
Inventory flagged up the photo essay from Dwell mag.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

The coolest six-year-old on planet Earth

This is Asher Bradshaw. He is six. He's been skating for 14 months. Here he is in action at Venice Beach Skatepark.

Via Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish blog

The Syrian state is killing Syrian people

“We cannot challenge the government. They’re armed, and we’re unarmed. If they want to kill us, they can kill us. If they want to arrest us, they can arrest us. But no matter how much blood gets spilled and how violent it gets, this is our country, and we’re not giving it up,” - an opposition leader in Syria.

Via Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish blog


Regular readers of ArchBlog will be aware that Adel Taraabt is the best thing since Marmite on soya and linseed Vogel. Here's QPR's captain fantastic in fantastic action.

Via Rue Beaux