Sunday, 30 January 2011

Egypt erupts

The man on the much-mentioned Arab street has had enough. The days of the Aging Arab Autocrat Club are at an end. Yemen might be the next domino to fall ...

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Get me on the celly

In the good old days you used to be able to talk on your mobile while driving

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dubstep parrot

Here's one seriously rudeboy parrot. If I was a knitter I would magic it up a XXL Puffa jacket to make it that bit more menacing.

Via Rue Beaux

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Cute bomb

Just peeped this piccie over @ HanPicked. It was posted to showcase the gorg Tonder and Tonder linen but ArchBlog prefers the little and large teddies. Note the little 'un is a QPR supporter:

Monday, 24 January 2011

More Taarbs loving

Rarely a weekend goes by without King Adel doing something simply sensational. Check out this long-range outside-of-the-boot assist.

If that pass doesn't do anything for you howsabout the way he thigh-traps a long pass here?

Russian kids raving in a forest

One often reads much about how the rise of Russia's middle class and how the Russian youth of today now have money to burn. Besides queueing up in droves to see plot-light, effects-heavy American action films at the cinema, what else do Russian kids spend their dough on?
Here's your answer: Trips to the forest to show off their new tracksuits while sky-high on a potent combo of 'roids and dance drugs ...

Saturday, 22 January 2011


US basketball fans love courtside hot-dogging almost as much as the game itself. Every little break in the action is immediately filled by perma-grinning cheerleaders, whooshing graphics and deafening jingles. In Toronto, they've ratcheted up the drama a few more notches. In Toronto, the mascots eat the cheerleaders. Only this extreme form of entertainment is enough to ensure Raptors fans don't nod off in the 30 seconds between free throws.

Via Rue Beaux

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

All too much

The sheer excitement of beating up students can sometimes get to even the hardest coppers ...
Via Zero Effect blog

Chewbacca chic: Band of Outsiders 'Sasquatch' chukka shoes

These 'shoes' are so damn ridic I actually almost want them.

Via Selectism

This is a John Travolta t-shirt

Here's the ideal gift for that special person in your life* who is so obsessed with celebrities they don't give a hoot who they are as long as they are famous.

*delete this person from your friend bank.
From Krrb via HanPicked

Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Child of the Jago: Original terrorist clothing

This French Anarchist Worker Blue Wool Jacket from Shoreditch shop A Child of the Jago is a pretty strong look and top of my birthday want list. Below, find the skinny on the shop and the jacket:

A Child of the Jago - A child of the street, the destitute and illegitimate progeny of a hopelessly rundown environment, founded in 2007 by Simon "Barnzley" Armitage and Joseph Corre.
The French Anarchist jacket features a pinned black and grey stripe ‘Terrorist’ sleeve cuff with embroidered shears, this represents the designers affiliation with ‘The Militant Guild of Rural Tailors’. The jacket is finished with navy and blue rear shoulder inserts, three worker style front pockets, black and ecru plaid wool lining and a single inside pocket with visible outer stitching.

If you move fast you can snap it up from Coggles in their winter sale. It's down from an Aristocratic £475 to a still-far-from proletarian £237.50.

b Store patchwork cord shirt

Two of ArchBlog's fave winter looks - patchwork and cord - collide. b Store is the designer.

Via Selectism

Harry Potter: Smooth talker

Daniel 'Harry Potter' Ratcliffe has two chat up lines. The first is to display his (reportedly) huge member on stage. I refuse to google you an image of this method in action. The second is to drop this pearler:

Watch out ladies!
Via Dougie

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Pine for this: A William Pine print

Didn't get what you asked for for Christmas? Forgot to put a hunk of stilton in your steaming mince pie? Missed the hot sales because you were busy writing impossibly polite thankyou cards for all the pairs of (unwanted) socks you got from your auntie? Hate your life? Want to cry? Feel it all welling up ...

Pull yourself together (wo)man. Help is at hand. ArchBlog has unearthed the PERFECT early January present for all people who flat-out loathe it getting dark at 15.55 (that's all of us btw).

ArchBlog WHOLEHEARTILY endorses William Pine's achingly beautiful photos. The gritty urban landscapes are top banana. But there's also a sweet B side. Check the country vybz: Equally dope.

Best of all, ArchBlog readers who quote the special code 'Bill Elm' receive a whopping 1.25% discount. Get your mouse over to right now.

Via The Book of Faces

The bum with the golden voice

Ted Williams has a golden voice. Period. Unfortunately, alcohol, drugs and "a few other things" held him back. But he's back. With a vengeance. Move over Odeon man.

Via The Periscope Post

Never follow the truck

Fans of The Crawl (officially the Best Ever Youtube clip) will dig this Japanese marathon fail ...