Sunday, 9 December 2012

Engineered Garments Tool Bag

As a person who cycles to work I have little need for this 24oz melton wool tool bag from Engineered Garments. But if I rode the tube this would be my work (man) bag of choice. The purplish wool camo version is also pretty dope.

Dunno know where you can buy it but it's up on the relentlessly updated EG blog

Friday, 7 December 2012

Elgin City fan 'dancing' at Ibrox

Right, I now have a Scottish team to support ...

Nouveau Western - MC Solaar

Before Thierry Henry was the coolest black French dude on the block there was MC Solaar ...

Get Free - Major Lazer

Even though I've been to Jamaica just twice I sometimes find myself missing it like I grew up there. I'm sure if I got heavily into Rastafarianism*, it'd turn out I used to be a Scottish sailor who washed up at Treasure Beach in a previous life or somesuch.

Frenchman's Cove, Port Antonio. The best beach in the world.

*Not planning this

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Glove at first sight

Wearing gloves is a total pain in the butt. You can't do anything. But, as Pippa 'Pippa Tips' Middleton would point out, they are good for keeping your hands warm when it gets cold. Here are a few mighty fine pairs ...

Red Wing Buckskin Gloves

Present is selling 'em.

Hestra Classic Wool (and lambskin) Tricot Gloves

Oi Polloi is the vendor

Big booty

I'm mildly obsessed with boots this Winter. Here are a selection of the finest ones I've peeped in recent weeks on the Internet.

Red Wing Beckman Boot
Features a full grain Featherstone leather upper, goodyear welt, moc toe construction, steel shank, black eyelets, waxed laces and a full leather inner.

Present has 'em

British Remains Tie Derby

Head to The Hideout

Trickers x Sophnet Wing Tip Brogue Boot

Pebbled and smooth calf leather uppers and Dainite soles.

Available (for way too much) from End.

Sockin' it right to ya

Socks are many people's idea of a shitty, unimaginative Christmas present. I'm calling bullshit on that idea. Here are some wonderfully dope socks I'd love to be given.

The Superior Labor cotton melange 3 stripe socks (made in Japan)

Get 'em at slowdownjoe

Wig Wam ragg look Cypress wool socks (made in Wisconsin, USA)

Superdenim has 'em

Chip / Cirkur socks (Made in Japan)

Find 'em at Oi Polloi

Epperson Mountaineering Climb Pack

Go on, just try and find me a more fun backpack than this bad boy. The reason it's so awesome? It was designed by a over-tired five-year-old who'd just had a family bag of Skittles*

Here's some blurb from Stockholm's Nitty Gritty (who stock the bag):

Epperson Mountaineering has been producing high-quality gear made in the U.S.A for over 30 years. To this day they still make their bags out of their workshop in Libby, Montana. Experiences have taught the brand to more or less only use tried and tested outdoor fabrics such as cordura nylon and leather. In other words Epperson Mountaineering luggage are built to last but also to look smart in the process. Since the company has been around for quite a while they started out before online shops and what not. In fact they originally sold their products from the back of specialist magazines by mail order, first for a small group of specialists only through today where the brand has grown to outfit a generation of new adventurers whether it’s urban or wild, natural surroundings on the exploring agenda.


This Is QPR

QPR are rock bottom of the league and eight points from safety. You wouldn't know it from this sunny-side-up promotional video just put out by the club's Stakhanovite meedjah team. It's worth a watch if only for the sight of Clinton 'elbows' Hill in a suit:

Fingers and toes crossed that QPR can beat the injury-ravaged Villans this arvo and go on a bit of a run. Relegation back to the Championship with the current wage bill would be catastrophic for the club. Go 'Arry!

Crazy AFL catch / 'Feed me the rock'

This crazy Aussie Rules catch is great. Mostly because it reminds me of the basketball scene from The Cable Guy, the greatest film ever made by Matthew Broderick or anyone else for that matter.