Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The best of Bloomsbury

Before I vacate the nabe, here are my hard-earned findings:

*Konditor and Cook, Gray’s Inn Road – the Boston Brownie is unsurpassed in London. The bacon, gruyere and onion tartlet has also been a good friend

*Beas of Bloomsbury, Theobalds’ Road – top-ranking hot chocolate. Overpriced but delicious lunch too.

*The Lamb, Lamb’s Conduit Street – this Olde Wolde pub is a bit touristy but still well worth a visit.

*Seven Stars, Carey Street – back street boozer popular with judges and lawyers but don’t let that put you off.

*Asadal, right by Holborn tube – excellent Korean restaurant in deeply unpromising basement location. Push past the London Paper/London Lite sellers to gain entrance. Always packed with chain-smoking Koreans which has to be a good thing.

*Kennards, Lamb’s Conduit Street – upmarket, and slightly up itself, deli. Has been my regular and reliable dark choc&chilli bar dealer.

*Danny’s, Lamb’s Conduit Street – mightily filling wraps. The Mogul is the one to go for.

*Malletti’s, Clerkenwell Road – best pizza slice in London. Off-shoot of the always-packed Soho eatery on Noel Street.

*Caradell, Red Lion Street – always-busy deli serving good sarnies and salads to office and student crowd. Friendly staff if you dont get the moody bitch with the highlights.

*Michael’s Shoe Care, 16 Procter Street - first-rate cobbler.

*Folk, Lamb's Conduit Street - traditional men's clobber.

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