Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Octopussies no more!

Oh shit! It's been known for some time that octopuses are sick and tired of being whisked out of the sea, brutally murdered and then served up as fresh calamari. But until now it's been fine as the limp-wristed invertebrates have displayed zero intelligence. Until now all they've really been up to is aimlessly clinging on to to the posts of piers.
But Current Biology reports on some chilling news: veined octupuses, or Amphioctupus margininatus, have begun to dabble in sophisticated tool use. According to the biology boffins, the little blighters are collecting coconut shells for shelter. Basically, they are building underwater slumvilles to rival the likes of Lagos.
As we all know that means they are about ten or 11 years from rising from the sea, face-suckering us all and developing weopens of mass destruction. Be scared, be very scared. I've already stopped eating calamari in case they have me on OctoCCTV.

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