Friday, 4 February 2011

Kate and Wills rip off Sylvanian Families

There's been some really nasty stuff in the UK meedjah recently suggesting that some savvy entrepreneurs are going to try and cash in on the Royal Wedding by flogging poorly made tat to over-excited (American) fans. While I'm sure they'll be the odd Prince William and Kate Middleton mug popping up in some of those great gift shops on Bayswater, I'm sure it will all be top quality merch. Why do the papers have to hate so much?


What has flown under the radar is how Wills and Kate have totes copied Sylvanian Families. When you dig down into the hard details (below), you quickly realise just how close Wills and Kate's nuptial celebrations are to what Sylvanian Families have been cooking up for donkeys (and way before Wills even clapped eyes on Kate).

BEFORE the Royal Wedding, it just so turns out Sylv Fams are launching their very own Wedding Set "complete with William Balmoral (groom) and his beautiful bride Catherine. This shining couple will exchange their vows in front of the Reverent Kelvin Waters, surrounded by the gorgeous bridesmaids Amelia and Louise and cheeky little page boy James."

Can you actually believe the similarities??? Kate and Wills have clearly stolen Sylvanian Families Wedding Set's names. Scandal! Kate and Wills should be ashamed of themselves. They've basically copied everything Sylv Fams already had on ice.

ArchBlog is no longer interested in the Royal Wedding.

The Sylvanian Families Wedding set will be available from Early April and costs just £24.99.

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