Thursday, 23 February 2012

England 2012 football kit (first images)

Images of the new En-Ger-Land footy kit have been released on the Umbro blog and I reckon it's pretty nice as far as footy kits go.

In a move which will no doubt delight the EDL, it's based almost entirely on the St. George's flag.

The collar is fairly unusual. Umbro explains:

"Probably the most eye-catching part of the new England home shirt is the collar. Featuring a smart, one button fastener, the collar is inspired by the look of a traditional shirt. With the collar down, players and fans will have a subtle dash of red along the top, recalling the flag of England’s patron saint. Under the collar, a more detailed stripe is revealed, which has been inspired by Sir Alf Ramsey’s iconic 1966 jacket and the St George’s flag, developed by Umbro into this tonal red design."

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