Monday, 2 April 2012

Palace Tailored by Umbro range - rad!

Skate label Palace Skateboards has collaborated with Umbro to make an Italia 90 themed collection of clobber. I'm really digging the vomitous (in a good way) blue 3rd strip (above). It reeks of QPR legend Paul Parker (also in a good way).

Here's a quote from Palace's Lev Tanju explaining the thinking behind the collabo: "I’ve always been reluctant to do any of those dumb obvious collaborations that make streetwear perverts happy: big garish headphones made out of Tyler the Creator’s bogeys or whatever. I don't think anyone saw this thing coming and that’s what I set out to do. Suuurprise, bitches!" If you'd like to read more about the genesis of this exciting collabo read this piece on the Umbro blog.

& here's the boozy Burberry-drenched vid they've made to tub-thump for the collection:

The Palace Tailored by Umbro range is available at Slam City Skates, Hideout, Present and all good skate shops across the UK

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