Friday, 16 August 2013

Tackle junkies! The Championship is your dealer

So the Premiership kicks off tomorrow. I'd be lying if I said I didn't dearly wish QPR were still in it, taking on the Big Boys. It was an absolute joy to watch wonderful footballers (mostly Fellaini) play week-in-week-out at Loftus Road (even if the games never seemed to take place at the proper & correct time of 15.00 on a Saturday).

But being back in the Championship isn't all that bad after all. Why? Chiefly because lower league refs let a lot more go, they don't blow up for every perceived slight, they don't anxiously finger their pocket for a red every time a 50-50 is in the offing. For connoisseurs of the art of the rugged tackle (like myself) the Championship is the place to be.

Here's self-styled 'enforcer' Karl Henry explaining his game.

“If there is a ball there to be won I will go and try to win it. I’m a ball-winning midfielder and I like the defensive part of the game.

“I like the chasing back and tackling people and defending, which maybe lots of other midfielders are not so keen on.

“It’s the part of game I’ve always enjoyed and I relish. If that makes me an enforcer then that’s what I am.”

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