Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Pine for this: A William Pine print

Didn't get what you asked for for Christmas? Forgot to put a hunk of stilton in your steaming mince pie? Missed the hot sales because you were busy writing impossibly polite thankyou cards for all the pairs of (unwanted) socks you got from your auntie? Hate your life? Want to cry? Feel it all welling up ...

Pull yourself together (wo)man. Help is at hand. ArchBlog has unearthed the PERFECT early January present for all people who flat-out loathe it getting dark at 15.55 (that's all of us btw).

ArchBlog WHOLEHEARTILY endorses William Pine's achingly beautiful photos. The gritty urban landscapes are top banana. But there's also a sweet B side. Check the country vybz: Equally dope.

Best of all, ArchBlog readers who quote the special code 'Bill Elm' receive a whopping 1.25% discount. Get your mouse over to right now.

Via The Book of Faces

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