Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Child of the Jago: Original terrorist clothing

This French Anarchist Worker Blue Wool Jacket from Shoreditch shop A Child of the Jago is a pretty strong look and top of my birthday want list. Below, find the skinny on the shop and the jacket:

A Child of the Jago - A child of the street, the destitute and illegitimate progeny of a hopelessly rundown environment, founded in 2007 by Simon "Barnzley" Armitage and Joseph Corre.
The French Anarchist jacket features a pinned black and grey stripe ‘Terrorist’ sleeve cuff with embroidered shears, this represents the designers affiliation with ‘The Militant Guild of Rural Tailors’. The jacket is finished with navy and blue rear shoulder inserts, three worker style front pockets, black and ecru plaid wool lining and a single inside pocket with visible outer stitching.

If you move fast you can snap it up from Coggles in their winter sale. It's down from an Aristocratic £475 to a still-far-from proletarian £237.50.

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  1. Sharp shirt. I really like the cut.