Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Be nice to African Grey parrots

Because Gawker suggests that they are the species "most likely to conquer and enslave the human race." The grounds? Research revealed in New Scientist reveals (deets below) they have the capacity to reason, something previously thought only only us (humans), chimps and gorillas were able to do.
"Each parrot watched a researcher hide a walnut under one opaque cup and a seed under another. Next the researcher hid the cups behind a screen, removed one of the treats and showed the bird which one had been taken. Finally, the screen was removed to see if the parrot could work out which treat must remain, and under which cup it must be."
One of the parrots chose correctly 23 times out of 30. The rest were dunces. But still. And they can fly. Unlike us, chimps or gorillas.

Photo credit: Badruddeen

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