Friday, 24 June 2011

Hot in Japan: Bagel head look

Per the Lovelyish blog, the latest fash fad to hits the streets (and faces) of Tokyo is saline forehead injections. Here's what the hip young things are getting up to when they are not queueing up outside A Bathing Ape:

"Apparently, the newest trend in Tokyo is to inject saline into your forehead in order to achieve 'the bagel head' look. It looks exactly like it sounds—like a huge bagel, or a donut, sticking out of your forehead. The people who do this spend hours dripping saline into their skin while pressing down to keep the center from swelling. Voila! A bagel on your face! After a couple hours the skin goes back to normal, but, still, it seems all too bizarre. I've always appreciated the youth of Tokyo's unique sense of style and ability to try crazy things but this is taking it to a whole new level! What do you think of the 'Bagel Head?' Do you find it scary or bold fashion statement?"

ArchBlog thinks it is a and b - boldly scary.

Thanks to wifey @ HanPicked (see blogroll) for the tip-off

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