Thursday, 8 December 2011

London 2012: Greco-roman wrestling countdown

Every few days I get an email from the overstaffed offices of London 2012 reminding me how to use the London Underground (cheers) or pointing me in the direction of where I can buy some frightfully disgusting Olympics merchandise. Caps. Bum bags. Pencil cases. Teddies. It's doing my head in.

But however hard Seb Coe & co. try and ruin my excitement about the Olympic Games, there is nowt they can do to dampen down my surging enthusiasm for attending the Greco-Roman super heavyweight finals. Obvs I know nothing about Greco-Roman wrestling but five minutes* in the (YouTube) company of Cuba's reigning champ (and all-round beast of a man) Mijain Lopez tells me it's gonna be off the hook/heezy. Check the power in the slam-down on 2.25.

*I should level with youse that it did take me about a minute to stop thinking about how outrageously homoerotic it is (like most sports from ancient Greece) and begin to marvel at the brute strength and sheer athleticism on show.

Vid via fellow attendee Rue Beaux

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  1. Love the guy in the crowd at 1.06.