Thursday, 15 December 2011

Reebok Pump Fury "London"

I'm not purchased a pair of trainers in at least a year. I used to be totally bananas about trainers but when Nike started reissuing all my old faves like Nike Air Span, Stab and Pegasus it kind of ruined it all for me. Those faux vintage yellow soles really are the pits. That said, I do still get the occasional twinge in my sneaker love muscle. These Reebok Pump Fury "London" (2012) numbers I just peeped over at Hypebeast are pretty dope. I totes dig the Olympic themed colour way.

Here' she hype talk from HypeBeast:
The Reebok Pump Fury “London” infuses the five different colors utilized in the Olympic rings in anticipation for the London games in 2012. The illustrious event as well know is an all-encompassing event so it seems only aropos that a tribute shoe should go all the way in paying homage. Boasting a synthetic/leather upper, the bold red, blue, yellow, green and black seem to light up just like the Olympic torch.

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