Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Djibril Cisse and the blindness of the football fan

Supporting a football does the weirdest things to a man. Take the fact that this 29-year-old French guy (Djibril Cisse for the heathens) is currently my complete and utter hero.
In fact, I'm so 'proud' of Cisse for scoring that goal versus Stoke RFC that if you were to say to me something like "I think his dress sense is a bit dodgy mate" I'd likely respond with something along the lines of "Leave it. He doesn't look that bad and at least he has got his own look going on." What's even weirder is I have even tried to convince myself that he should be applauded for his individuality (even though deep down I do know he looks like a total twat). Basically, I'm scaring myself.

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