Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Eurovision Song Contest 2012: The five wackiest and wackest performances

The Eurovision song contest is actually taken very seriously in many European countries. However, in the United Kingdom it is widely ridiculed. Regardless, millions of Brits tune in every year to gawp at the weirdest, wackiest and, well, worst acts. And they rarely switch off the tellybox disappointed.

The Eurovision 2012 contest, which took place 26 May in Azerbaijani capital Baku (City of Flames), featured its fair share of dodgy songs and songsters. In a night where power ballads and relentlessly upbeat dance tracks ruled the roost, there were plenty of clunkers. Here are ArchBlog's's wackest five.

Yes, big-voiced, Bjork-esque Albanian singer Rona Nishliu really does have a serpentine dreadlock stuck to her chest:

Anyone for a bit of funky Balkan-Latin fusion? Time to get the eff down to Romanian-Cuban outfit Mandinga:

Lithuanian singer Donny Montell can sing a bit but he makes the cut here due to his downright creepy blindfold:

Warning: Ukrainian diva Gaitana's track Be My Guest is infuriating catchy. And it features some insanely dressed backing dancers:

More high-energy mayhem from Oirish pop twins Jedward. Listening to these guys makes one feel like one has just eaten a family bag of Skittles:

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