Friday, 20 November 2009

DEVELOPING: World definately going to 'Collapse'

Ever wondered what the hell is gonna happen when the world's depleted stocks of oil run out?
Michael Ruppert, who looks like a hard-boiled hack from The Wire, spends pretty much every waking minute mulling and mouthing off on the subject. While I like my prophets to be a little less gloomy I'm 100% sold on his theory that, when the last drop of black gold goes up in smoke, we all will too.
In the post-oil world, I'd imagine the awesomely dressed Movement for the Emancipation of The Niger Delta (MEND) rebels will run ting. While they will have to ditch their nippy little speedboats, these natty cats are built to last; the already get on just fine in hopelessly unfarmable swamplands and make do without broadband and toasters in villages w/o leccy.
The Dutch might also survive for a bit given their penchant for wind power.

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