Monday, 30 November 2009

"Pulp Fiction" co-screenwriter tweets himself into lock-up

Roger Avary, co-screenwriter of "Pulp Fiction," seems to have landed himself in deep(er) water via his insatiable appetite for social networking.
The writer, who was sentenced to a year in jail for causing a car crash in Ojai that killed a passenger and injured his wife, apparently has been tweeting about life on the inside. And his 140 character blasts from skid row (gangs, drugs, strip-searches etc) have developed a bit of a following.
But it turns out the supposed hard man has been fibbing a bit. According to the L.A.Times he's only on a cushie 'furlough programme' which seems to mean you get the day off jail to pop into work and update your Facebook profile etc. There was us thinking he was typing away from the top bunk as his inmate sharpened up a home-made shank.
But it's all blown up in Avary's face and he is now actually in the clink for real. Check in here to see how he gets on in the showers. I'm hearing from my prison sources that the latest method of prison attack is to put baby oil & water in the microwave and use as molten lava. Truly medieval.

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