Monday, 30 November 2009

Hot crime: Gold Farming

Everyone knows that at least half of China's teen population are locked in windowless basements busily 'working' 20 hour days unlocking priceless axes, maces, shields and big-boobed women that their dad's then sell on to time-poor, spot-rich Westerners who are desperate to impress their peers in online games like World of Warcraft.

But did you know that this dirty game of gold farming has spread to the once-pretty English sticks? Well it definately has. Some un-named scumbag in Avon and Somerset has been naughtily phishing hammers, swords, you name it and re-selling them in web-based role playing game RuneScape. (S)he's probably richer that Dubai (pre-crash).

Important note to my concerned family and friends: I read about this upsetting phenom. I am not having 15-hour long online sword fights with Vietnamese 13-year-olds on the sly.

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