Thursday, 18 March 2010

Passport to the World

One day at school a mother came to speak to us about the danger of cults. Her message was straight from the heart. She'd lost her little one to the clutches of a cult who demanded their new member divorce her fam and friends. The warning was simple: steer clear of cults beacuse they steal all your pocket money and are really hard to get out of. She banged on about de-programming.
I've never joined a cult. Or so I thought. Until I was given a sub to National Geographic as a birthday present. I enjoyed my sub. I read some great stories (esp. the one about the monks of Mount Atmos). But when it came to renewing I decided I could just do without getting National Geographic. Fine, right?
No. They are furious and they want me back bad. They write me enough letters a week to start a large bonfire. Their desperate pleas are making me feel a little awkward. Take today's scary opener:
Dear (cult) Member,
Did you know your membership expired from last month's issue? You are about to lose your passport to the world ... unless you act immediately!
Something makes me feel I'm being stopped at the door of the world's greatest club. I'm scrambling for my wallet. Should I re-up or lose my 'passport to the world'?

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