Friday, 12 August 2011

Levis drop and then pull 'riot ad'

Here's the ad Levis put out on Tuesday night and then quickly pulled* when it dawned on them that pushing their blue jeans via an ad featuring young people confronting a police line during a riot praps was a spot on the tasteless side given a) people were dying on the streets of Birmingham b) a police station in Nottingham was on fire and c) Manchester was under attack from Haribo-crazed looters.
Is it possible that the Levis marketing dept may have played an ace hand by releasing and then retracting during the riots. I mean I'm sure this ad has now got more attn than it ever possibly would have done if it was released during 'peacetime.'
Here's what Mark Borkowski, a PR and branding expert, told MediaGuardian:
"Talk about bad timing. This illustrates what brands have been doing associating themselves with gangster-type behaviour. It shows how far Levi's has come from the ad showing teen idol Nick Kamen in his underwear in a laundrette."

*It might no longer be going out on the tellybox but it's still viewable on YouTube and Levis' official website, per MediaGuardian.

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