Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Thug-finding Guttenberg press

As all my friends (and wife) joined the iPhone revolution I felt rather left behind with my old-fashioned, somewhat chunky BlackBerry (Bold).

That's until this week.

According to multiple reports, most of the rioting has been co-ordinated via BlackBerry's closed (or 'encrypted' for the boffins) messenger system. I now look at my BlackBerry in a different light. In a sick sorta way it's suddenly become achingly hip.

But I'm actually a little scared of the little blinking thug. I wonder if it might soon order me to headbutt the window of JD Sports or steal a bottle of rose from Costcutter at 9 in the morning. I'm wondering just how smartly evil is my smartphone?

Here's how blogger Guido Fawkes analysed BlackBerry's bizarre week: "Blackberry PR must be in turmoil, gone from being weapon of choice of business execs to weapon of choice for looters." On Tuesday morning, tech specialist @mikebutcher told BBC Radio 4 Today that mobile phones have become "weaponised" and that group messaging systems are "the thug-finding Guttenberg press." Eek!

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