Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Red Wing Heritage x Nigel Cabourn 'The Munson Boot'

Boots don't come much better than these beauts. They're just the sort wild west oilmen, as depicted in There Will Be Blood, might have worn. The green Harris tweed lining is a particularly classy touch.

Here's some blurb from Hypebeast:

With the concept of collaborative ventures in mind, industry renowned outdoor specialist Nigel Cabourn has partnered up with Red Wing Heritage to create The Munson Boot. Although both brands have a differing heritage based on their respective fields over the years, this partnership allows them to explore each others’ territory and combine them into a single unprecedented piece of work. Made out of Munson lasts, The Munson Boot was inspired by the true ruggedness of infantry boots and how they’ve been able to withstand constant wear and tear for decades. The use of Munson lasts have not been readily used in the fashion industry for many years, but this pair of boots was created to last for perhaps a lifetime worth of outdoor adventures. Featured with army green Harris Tweed lining and deep green leather shoelaces and eyelets, The Munson Boot is available in two colors: Light Brown Hawthorne Muleskinner and Dark Chocolate Muleskinner.

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