Friday, 6 January 2012

ArchBlog approves: Wormwood Scrubs

This t-shirt from hip (and sarcastic) brand British Remains sold out some time ago. I wish I'd snapped it up at Hideout many moons ago as Wormwood Scrubs (the common ground not the clink) is one of my fave spots in London. It's almost always deserted and a smashing spot for a winter jog. Scrubs draws few visitors besides a small band of somewhat creepy model airplane enthusiasts. If you're lucky you'll be there when the old gypsy fellow rides his horse 'round the Scrubs. It's straight out of the last, last century and really quite a sight. The other key attractions are the prison and the hospital which sit cheek-by-jowl. I bet you there are some inmates in there now staring out their cell window at the hospital they were born in. The cycle of life and all that.

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