Friday, 9 April 2010

Obama escapes Titanic

Anyone who's seen the excellent "Cite du Soleil" documentary will know the ghettoes of Haitian capital Port-au-Prince are a hellish place run by ruthless gang leaders and awash with big guns and hard drugs. And that was before the devastating earthquake on Jan 12.
According to the Washington Post, 4,500 of Haiti's most dangerous crims escaped the city's National Penitentiary jail AKA Titanic during the chaos that followed the earthquake and now they are on the rampage.
The baddest man out on the run is a wicked mob boss named Ti Wilson AKA Obama (in reference to his supreme power). Clearly not reformed by his stint in the slammer, he's dispatching his gang of tooled-up escapees to murder cops and steal aid supplies. In no particular order. Not exactly what a country on its knees needs.

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