Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Politicians+Castration=No A.I.D.S. (Election fever hits bush)

Britain is in full-on election meltdown. It's all anyone talks about. Even 84% of those polled (by Silent Night) whilst asleep said they were dreaming of the nightmare of a hung parliament.

Under these conditions, the leaders can't wipe their nose without 72 journos tweeting the news.

Today, Gord Brown called a supporter a 'bigot.' Going by the press coverage, it was a bigger deal than the moon landing. Ditto, yesterday, when smooth crim Dave Cameron got blindsided by an angry parent of a disabled child. They had a tiny disagreement, it led the news.

There's little more to say on Nick Clegg. I'll leave him out of this given you already know he's far bigger than the Beatles. Obviously, everything he does actually is scintillating*.

You can't even lock the doors on the rapidly spreading election fever; not a day passes without a thick wedge of mailed pleas hitting my doormat from both Andy Slaughter and Shaun Bailey.

So, it is unsurprising that some people are finding it a little too much to cope with. With this is mind, I was not at all startled to see this sweet little note (below) stuck to a wall on my street. A month ago, it would have said it reeked of the work of a crazy street person. Now it makes sense. Sort of.

*For the record, I was actually going to vote Lib Dem before Clegg became God. Feel free to get on my bandwagon.

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