Thursday, 8 April 2010

Welcome to Lagos ft human fish

I'm really looking forward to checking out the BBC's upcoming "Welcome to Lagos" three-parter. Lagos is Africa's biggest city - 15 mill and counting - and growing at breakneck speed. It's also so chaotic it makes bankers playing lunch-break squash look relaxing.
The first episode examines the lives of 1,000 toughnut Nigerians who eek out a living by sifting through waste at Olususon rubbish dump ...

The Lagos building boom is driving up the price of sand, an essential building material. The problem is it's in short supply. Upstep the incredible 'human fish' - enterprising fishermen from neighbouring Benin who collect sand from the ocean floor 30 miles out to sea. By hand. With only sharpened buckets. Predictably, they're pretty stacked.
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