Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Football's less boring again

Since not really enjoying the World Cup (was Ghana v USA the only decent game?), I've been well off my football. I'm like a person who loves seafood but hasn't really gotten over food poisoning from a bad oyster.
That was until I received two simply awesome clips (via Matt & Reub) this week which remind me of just how goddamn neat the game of European soccerball can be.
First up is a wrong'un peno like no other. The cool-headed executor of this game-changing peno is Spanish U19 Ezequiel Calvente. It's nailed on Cwissy Ronaldo will be giving it a go very soon.

And then there's the best goal celebration I've yet seen. While it is entirely pre-rehearsed it's still 'deep', 'heavy' and all those other words the yout of today use to describe things they generally approve of ...

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