Friday, 16 July 2010

POPPIN' - Cork helmets

I love this cork-covered bicycle helmet I just peeped over @ style-setting blog Selectism. It's designed by a dude called Kevin Goupil. While I severely doubt it offers much in the way of real bonce protection it is quite a looker. The design is based on old French army helmets - no great surprise there given it has an odeur of WWI trench chic.
It turns out Gallic fash hse Lacoste have also produced a lovely cork helmet. This one is designed by Kyle J. Ferguson with eco-credentials firmly in mind ...
Comprising sustainable materials like organic wool, thermoformed bio-plastic, low-density cork and soy-based foam, Ferguson's helmet is, in his own words, "well-suited to leisurely rides around town, running errands, or commuting."
I (and prob Geoff Boycott too) particularly like the herringbone tweed covering.

Photo credit: Kyle Ferguson

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