Thursday, 15 July 2010

Second has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with First Loser.

There is a crackpot theory doing the rounds that Switzerland are the true World Cup champions because they were the only team to beat Spain in South Efrica. It disregards the fact that the Swiss were pants for the rest of the tournament and failed to even get out of their group.
By somewhat similar (twisted) logic, had Holland actually won the World Cup, the whole country would have melted down into one massive skunk-fuelled space rocket of orange gouda, departed earth and landed on a planet where even the libraries bang out euphoric, uplifting dance music at vol 10. I mean check out how pumped they are to lose the final ...

One again, this comes courtesy of ArchBlog editorial assistant Stu Forsyth


  1. Put your hands up for Dirk Kuyt...

  2. .. and if this was Salisbury Market Square or downtown Dundee they'd be chundering in the gutter and stabbing each other on CCTV. The number of CCTV cameras in Holland: 0