Friday, 17 September 2010

Pendleton Timberline cap

I hate caps. Largely because I look like a prize twat in one. But let's be honest - hardly anyone's look is actually improved by a cap. Especially not those besuited city boys you see on the tube at 10pm on their way home from a post-work gym sesh. You know the ones.
But if people are going to insist on wearing a cap then I say they should really go for it, pump up the statement to 11. Real cap lovers worth their salt should snap up this wonderful monstrosity from Pendleton. The style is 'woodsman' apparently. However, if it's your first day at the logging company coming up maybe it'd be best to go for something a little less 'showy'. You wouldn't want any of your co-loggers saying something like 'the rookie looks like he headbutted a flaming pizza.'

Available now from Hanon Shop

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