Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tundra junkie Herzog gets high on his own supply

Can Werner Herzog do no wrong? The guys's a stone-cold genius. Everything I see which he has anything to do with is EFFING AWESOME. Even stuff other people dislike like "Bad Lieutenant." If he told me Wetherspoons in Westfield was the most characterful and charming pub in west London I'd believe him.
Check out the trailer for the Herzog written, narrated and produced "Happy People." It's a movie about life in the Taiga (that the Tundra's coniferous forest to me or you).
It's the same old shit from Herzog: Achingly beautiful shots capturing the exquisite brutality of nature & the basic futility of man. As usual, I'm 100% sold.
Even if you hate Herzog (sort it out!) watch it to see a) a dog jump out of a boat to follow a swimming reindeer (rare) and b) how to park a boat like a real rugged man.

Spotted @ Jeremy Riggall's Sketch empire

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