Monday, 25 July 2011

Inside a twisted mind: Anders Breivik's diaries

You definitely don't need me to tell you that Norwegian massacre suspect Anders Breivik is one helluva sick puppy.

For those odd bods not wholly convinced that someone who dresses as a cop, asks kids to gather round and then ruthlessly guns them down is not a total scumbag, may I direct you to his rambling, raging 1,500 page manifesto.

Breivik spent three years composing his 2083 - A European Declaration of Independence manifesto. Alongside endless attacks on multiculturalism, it includes diary entries which give an idea of his loner lifestyle. Here are a few lowlights:

That night, after dark, I loaded in everything in the van. Still need to strap it properly in place though. Tested gear. Exhausted!!! Good workout though. I'm drinking 4 x protein shakes per day now to maximize muscle generation.

This house is infested with beetles. Just now I was about to reach for a chocolate in my goodie bag and a beetle had crawled in ... After that I started killing every little insect in view. And I'm up to 18 just in the last hour.

I have a more or less perfect body at the moment and I'm as happy as I have ever been. My morale is at an all time high and I'm generally happy with how things are progressing. I may create an ideological Knights Templar Youtube movie this winter. I have some time to invest while I wait for my chemicals to arrive.

Photo credit: Breivik's manifesto (which was posted shortly before he embarked on his bombing and shooting mission.

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