Saturday, 16 July 2011

QPR headed for Derby-esque humiliation in the premiership?

Things are looking mighty grim for QPR as the clock ticks down to the opening game of the season, Bolton at Loftus Road on August 13. Neil Warnock has been handed a laughable transfer budget of £1.25 million to beef up a workmanlike squad which is nowhere near premiership standard. To make matters worse, King Taarabt has spent most of the summer throwing his toys out of the pram, isn't going on the pre-season tour of Cornwall and looks set for a move to megabucks PSG. The whole sitch is desperately depressing for loyal fans who'd hoped QPR would spend a few quid in the summer and at least be competitive in the Prem. The truth is until someone (hopefully the Mittals) buys out Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore, QPR will remain a badly-run club lurching from crisis to crisis.

I spose it doesn't matter given football isn't what it used to be (see below) ...

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