Friday, 22 July 2011

Yuketan Antler Moc

C D Moorby at his new and natty men's style blog Stitched and Stitched has a great post about the Yuketan Antler Moccasin. Here's how Moorby describes the shoe, which turned heads at Pitti Uomo, and will be in (hardly any) shops next year:

A classic and traditional shoe style – lovingly made in beautiful leather – is given a real twist with the addition of Antlers to the lacing. Like a bone right through the nose of the shoe. It’s heritage punk through and through ... The main feature of this shoe ... is of course the Antler ornament. For this, Yuki Matsuda drilled holes in wild Maine deer antler tips which were taken from the Maine forest. Male bucks shed their antlers and a lucky explorer can sometimes find a nice sized antler 'shed' which serve as decoration for rustic Maine hunting lodges. The Antler ornament on Yuketen Antler Mocs is strictly decorative. However, the style appeals to outdoor enthusiasts and stylish moccasin lovers alike.

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