Thursday, 24 June 2010


Check the latest vid from the Don't Panic hit squadron. As per, it's a riot.
Mr Prowse and co crashed the BP Portrait Awards to draw attention to the devastation caused to the Gulf of Mexico by BP's unwell drilling techniques. As a little sweetener to their unknowingly audience, they dished out flutes of vintage black gold 'Krude de Gulf' which went down a treat with one gullible Yank.
There's some killer lines in there. ArchBlog particularly likes "I know a lot of birds who would die to be here"
Watch it now before under-fire Tony 'I wasn't party to that decision' Hayward moors his superyacht and does his best to yank it down from the net ...

Here's DP's (rightful) rationale for invasion.
The BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery was previously sponsored by Imperial Tobacco. Now it is socially unacceptable for tobacco to play this public role, and it is our hope that oil and gas will soon be seen in the same light, as the public comes to recognise that the sponsorship programmes of BP and Shell are means by which attention is distracted from their impacts on human rights, the environment and the global climate.

ps big props to Jez Riggall for widening my blog so peeps can actually watch vids properly now.

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  1. .. I know it's England, I know it's not his fault, but: Jolyon?