Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Play soccer: Go to hell

Not everyone in the U.S. is charmed by the World Cup, which is currently unfolding in South Africa. Check out what this red-state redneck thinks of the beautiful game.
He warms up by reminding us that it's no coincidence that soccer, socialism, sodomy and satanism all kick off with a 's' (spooky). Other highlights from this mad rant are his theory that Barack 'Osama Homo Bin Laden' wants the entire population not to be able to use their arms (like in soccer), before warning that when the UN forces 'come marching with their jackboots' to invade America (!) "you're just gonna have to stand there armless watching America die in front of you."
There's a distinct possibility that this is a parody (I mean he's called Billy Bob and he's wearing a John Deere trucker hat) but you never know ...

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