Tuesday, 15 June 2010

"This is not my thing"

In the Iberian peninsula and elsewhere, women find nothing more attractive than a sexy bullfighter. Forget Torres. Laters Sergio Ramos.
It's the whole matador package that turns on the dusky chicas; spray-on leggings, the traditional livery, and that lofty, arrogant expression. But more than anything, it's the (alleged) bravery of bullfighters that sees matadors worshipped as Gods on earth.
So, imagine the disgust when one Mexican matador Christian Hernandez recently completely bottled it in the ring. Confronted by a real life bull, he leapt over the fence and quit the game. So outraged was the whole of Mexico that the poor yellow-bellied fool has been arrested for breach of contract.
His explanation 'i didn't have the balls, this is not my thing' was praps informed by the fact he was gored last year. Still a pussy.


  1. .. his mum's taken the clip off

  2. .. makes me ashamed to be Spanish.