Monday, 14 June 2010

Logan Lacy voms

There is something fundamentally tragic about weightlifters. To the naked eye they look pretty strong, real butch.
But the sad truth is they pay dear for that 'condom-full-of-walnuts' physique. The constant overtraining demands they eat multipacks of tuna, clumsy handfuls of eggs and vats of protein shake. Unsurprisingly, this means they are only ever ten minutes away from guffing a rancid fart.
Other side effects of pumping iron all day long are a V of back spots (hot), terrible tempers, a complete inability to play any sport (thighs rub together too much) and ever-decreasing penises.


  1. That was hilarious and disgusting lol


  2. .. sad. His mum might be watching. His career's turned to spit, like Guillermo Vilas when he started farting @ Roland Garros