Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Black pebble leather, blue brick sole

These derby shoes are simply awesome. If I had anything to do with it these would be standard issue for postmen and the police. But not GPs. They are a triple label collaboration between Los Angeles shop Union, Brit shoe manufacturer and US designer Mark McNairy. You can check out the promo blurb below.

These shoes are art directed by the crazy genius of Mark Mcnairy. Made by the OG shoe maker Sanders and Sanders out of the UK. and then we get to mix and match fabrics, leathers, colors etc. to make our own versions. This all culminates into some dope ass triple label collaborations. The first time we did this last year, these shoes sold out with the quickness, so get em while you can! Their footwear is made using "Goodyear Welted" construction method, where the upper, insole, welt and sole are entirely stitched together. Although a very labour intensive process, this is acknowledged to be the finest construction for formal footwear. This is the "union special" we made this one up on our own. We wanted to have fun but still keep it wearable. Black pebble leather upper, natural welt and BLUE brick sole, just for shits and giggles...could be a future classic!?

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