Friday, 5 November 2010

BOOK for iPad

If this isn't the most disorientating product I've come across in months: A case for an iPad which looks like a book.
The innovation is the work of Scott Nedrelow, who makes "companion products for digital devices." His imaginatively named BOOK for iPad case basically disguises your iPad to make it look like a book. Per Nedrelow, it "provides bibliophiles with tangible protection for their electronic information."

I'm not sure I get the point. Is this for people who want to pretend they read books but actually prefer cruising web forums? Is this for iPad junkies trying to fool bag-checking authorities who work the doors at internet addiction clinics?
However, ArchBlog's scepticism is not shared by the bloggerati. The Dean Files blog heaped praise:
"So, yes, it’s a case that looks like a book – but I love the visual irony and allegory in that. The iPad might represent some form of 'reading in the future,' so I like that BOOK both embraces that and mocks it."
I wonder what's next from Nedrelow? A Telegram machine to dress your mobile in?
Photo credit: Nedrelow's blog

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