Thursday, 25 November 2010

Stop "Touching Wild Horses"

Press offices draft press releases to generate press interest (and hopefully coverage) in their client's wares. However, promotional efforts don't always hit the sweet spot.
Take the below press release I just received for an upcoming DVD release called "Touching Wild Horses" (yes, it's a horrendous title). I have to say it doesn't exactly have me begging for a screener.

Hello All
I hope you are well. Touching Wild Horses starring Mark Rendell, Jane Seymour and Charles Martin Smith is being released on DVD on the 14th February 2011. It is a breathtakingly beautiful film - after a terrible car accident 12 year old Mark is sent to live with his Aunt (Seymour) on an isolated island, home to a herd of wild horses which he is forbidden to touch.

Perhaps others are more intrigued? Maybe it is just me who is turned off by the prospect of watching a film about an injured child banned from touching wild horses by his aunt. Lemme know if I'm out of wack with the modern doovde marketplace? Maybe many ArchBlog readers will be buying a big bag of Doritos and checking out "Touching Wild Horses" this Valentine's Day?

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