Sunday, 21 November 2010

Babychinos with Otto

These days, something ridiculous like 43% of people get a degree. But, as we all know, getting a uni degree does not mean you are guaranteed to land an actual job.
So it came as no surprise to hear that young Otto Gundry, a sporadic yet valued contributor to ArchBlog, has decided to take the bold step of getting stuck in to work nice and early. "I'll be frank, I just don't see the point of getting a degree," Gundry told ArchBlog over babychinos at Greggs. "The way the ConDem coalition has pulled up the ladder over tuition fees was the final straw for me. I mean who's to say anymore that pumping up to nine grand into higher education coffers is a good long-term investment?" Gundry and increasing number of his as-yet-unnamed generation are seizing the bull by the horns and riding straight into the workplace: "I and plenty of my fellow peers are by-passing school and just going straight into paid work. One of my friends has qualified as a barrister, another as has secured a placment at a rare orchid farm in Burma but those careers do not excite me. As you can see from the in action snaps supplied by my mother, I've opted to pursue an exciting career in media. Despite the economic downturn, I'm discovering there's a surprising amount of voice work available if one is driven, passionate and a genuine team-player."

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