Thursday, 18 November 2010

Protect your family jewels while BLASTING Wahhabi scum

BCB International is the hottest brand in the world. And you've never heard of it. Mainly because you're a yellow-bellied, socialist wimp. Cardiff-based BCB make Outdoor Survival Gear and Military Equipment for elite forces. Their clobber is the real deal - designed by soldiers for soldiers.
"In the jungle, in the middle of a desert, half way up a mountain - wherever you are, you can rely on BCB's dependable, high quality products."

Go on, admit it - you've just sprouted a raging war woody.

Most of their gear is absolutely top banana but ArchBlog is particularly smitten by the sweeeeet as Blast Boxers. They are called that because they are boxers which protect against blasts. Big ones. Like IED's in Afghanistan.

Unlike other poncy fashion brands who (effeminately) talk up the 'cut' and 'feel' of their garments, BCB blast their fans with real facts about how unbelievably practical their proper man wear is. Unlike other wet, liberal brands, BCB don't shy away from flagging up the hazards of not wearing their gear. Check out their rock hard blurb:

"The prevalence of IED`s in Afghanistan is causing a high number of 'life - changing' injuries to the lower body. These include blinding and blast injuries to the groin, which can result in a ruptured colon or loss of genetalia. For all soldiers such injuries are 'life-changing.' They are extremely difficult to live psychologically. Within the periphery of a blast, perineal and femoral artery injuries can be fatal without immediate specialist medical help. A puncture to the femoral artery can bleed out rapidly leading to death. High up the leg, tourniquets are difficult to attach in the field. There is always a fine balance between the level of protection and burden (weight, thermal and increased bulk burdens) and without comprising comfort. Following trails and ballistic tests, BCB have designed the Blast Boxer using a special comfortable Aramid fabric, positioned around crucial zones of the groin. Light open structure mesh is used on the rest of the garment to help offset the weight and thermal load of the ballistic material. On a 10 mile run the Blast Boxers did not cause undue discomfort. The blast boxers are currently being trialled with a number of European ministries of defence. Though the boxers cannot completely protect against blast, the double layered version retailing at under 60, will offer ballistic protection of 230 meters per second in the standard NIJ V50 ballistic test. Though they can be washed, the blast boxers are more hygienic if worn over ones normal underwear. All soldiers asked whom have recently returned from Afghanistan, confirmed that had the Blast Boxers been available for them, despite the added burden, they would have all, to a man, worn them."

Call up BCB on 02920 433 700 to order, or email

Mentioning ArchBlog will definitely not get you a reduction.

A big salute to Gen. Daniel Ayliffe for the tip-off.

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