Tuesday, 26 October 2010


In the past, ArchBlog has excitedly flagged up inventive (mostly Icelandic) goal celebrations. But you'd be wrong to think AB is a sucker for a celebration just because it is wacky and new.
Take this naff piece of twattish stadium theatre. I couldn't care less if it is his new car or a sponsors. Either way, it is an ugly prop in a deeply embarrassing show. Just check out how bang out of ideas he is when he actually gets to the motor. I'd like to have seen the air bag explode in his face. His accomplices are equally lame. They are either riding bitch or passionately neck-kissing their special goal-scoring friend. I'm surprised one of them didn't pull an air freshener out of his neatly-ironed jockstrap. Or don some filthy leather knuckle-less driving gloves.

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