Friday, 8 October 2010

The Pumpple: Pie cake

I like cakes. When I used to work in Holborn, I had a minor addiction to Konditor & Cook's Boston Brownies.
Sometimes I like pies. The beef and oyster one they do at Hix is a real treat.
But while I do like pies and cakes, I've never imagined a fusion of my interests. Perhaps it's because I figure that would be a touch too greedy.
Into my failure of imagination steps The Flying Monkey Patisserie in Philadelphia. According to Gawker, they have just unveiled The Pumpple. It consists of apple and pumpkin pies baked inside layers of chocolate and vanilla cake. Yup, it's pies inside cakes. Go Philly! Go America! Here's the skinny from the baker:
It's taller than it is in diameter and every inch is packed with love. We make the pie crust from scratch with only real butter, peel and prep the apples and mix up the pumpkin with sugar and spices. Our signature chocolate and vanilla cakes bake up around the pies making each layer one cohesive unit of awesome.

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