Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Burmese born on a Tuesday instructed to tear down the old flag.

After 'Hermit Kingdom' North Korea, Burma has to be the most secretive state in the world. Their military junta rule with a iron fist.
In the build-up to the country's first election in 20 years (which most forecast will be a total sham), the rulers have been at their eccentric best. According to a leading editorial in today's Washington Post, they've just replaced the national flag and national anthem. It goes without saying that they didn't bother passing this by the populace. While the measures are pretty startling, check out the nutty but kinda neat way they are the implementing the far-reaching policy:
"WITHOUT WARNING, Burma's rulers last week bestowed upon their country a new flag, a new seal and a new anthem. A surprised government official told Reuters that the junta's instructions specified that the old flags should be lowered by people born on a Tuesday and the new flags should be raised by people born on a Wednesday. Then all the old flags were to be burned.
The order, accompanied by no explanation and probably informed by astrologers, was typical of the generals who govern this Southeast Asian nation of 50 million people from their isolated and recently constructed capital of Naypyidaw."

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