Friday, 15 October 2010

(Chelsea scummer) Mark Long is a genius!

Let's get the regrettable character flaws out of the way straight off the bat: Mark Long is a Chelsea fan. I know, I know. In his defence his allegiance does stretch back to the pre-Abramovich days of tangerine graphite.
Now to the meat. Mark Long is the best illustrator QPR-affiliated ArchBlog knows. By a stretch. No, more than that: By a country mile. His illustrations smash it out of the ballpark because they are witty, satirical and beautifully crafted. Take that for a treble Fergie!
Why am I telling you this? Because Long has a book of his illustrations just out which ArchBlog warmly suggests you snap up. Now. It's only £3.50. That's less than one of those a 'trend-setting' sarnies I peeped the other day in London's leafy Notting Hill.
If you don't believe me, below are a selection of my fave Long illustrations. I've even bothered to copy and paste the captions in:

Full page illustration accompanying an article about 'whistle-blowers' in business, for Accounting and Business magazine.

Full page illustration accompanying an article about unpleasantly noisy restuarants for 'Square Meal' magazine.

This man is actually updating his facebook status, to let everyone know how much fun he is having at the gig.

Cruising down brick lane on his way to 'Jaguar Shoes'. He's got a fixed gear bike, and a copy of Vice magazine in his pocket

And here are a few illustrations from the Long book in question, "Who Ate All The Pies?" As you can see it's footy-related:

Check out Long's website here and snap up the tome 'ere

Stay tuned for an ArchBlog x Long poetry collabo in late '10/early '11

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  1. Will be snapping that up and eagerly awaiting the ArchBlog collab with baited breath!